Forage grasses and legumes

The main forage grass species that are bred at SW Seed are timothy, meadow fescue and perennial ryegrass.

We also concentrate on Festulolium, tall fescue, cocksfoot and red fescue. Most effort is devoted to development of varieties for hay making and silage. These varieties must have high dry matter production, excellent winter hardiness, high energy value, high palatability and reliable seed production. Varieties for grazing must also have these characteristics, plus superior tolerance to wear.

The sources for new varieties are populations created by mixing lines with certain characteristics. From these, selections are made by crossing pairs of plants. The offspring of the crosses are tested and seed from a superior crossing can be the foundation of a new variety. Synthetic varieties can be made by mixing two varieties and then harvesting the offspring.

Forage grass breeding for Southern Scandinavia is located at Svalöv, Sweden. Breeding for Northern Scandinavia is located at Lännäs, north of Sweden.

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