Protein Crops apply for Greening Measures in European CAP Reform

Lantmännen pea and field bean varieties allow farmers to increase the use of ‘home-grown’ protein and to diversify their field crops rotation under the EU CAP Reform.

Under the new EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), farmers in the Member States will have to comply with mandatory greening measures to qualify for 30% of their new Basic Payment from 2015 onwards. One of the basic measures is crop diversification. The crop diversification would oblige farmers to grow at least three different crops, with the largest crop covering no more than 70% of the farm holdings’ area and the smallest no less than 5%.

EU Member States are entitled to use part of their National Ceiling to introduce a coupled aid for protein crops to counteract the huge dependence in the EU on imported protein for use in animal feeds. Lantmännen’s pea variety INGRID and field bean variety BOXER are good examples of EU wide grown protein crops eligible for aid.

INGRID has excellent agronomic characteristics with high grain yield, stem stiffness and disease resistance. The variety also has medium to high thousand kernel weight and high protein content.  INGRID is currently grown in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic states.

BOXER field beans is grown in an even larger EU market, including United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Baltic States, Denmark and Sweden and is also grown in the United States of America and Russian Federation. BOXER field beans is a very high yielding new spring bean variety. BOXER has similar maturity and straw length to Fuego and excellent standing ability with a higher yield potential and better downy mildew resistance when compared to Fuego. The high thousand kernel weight, color and seed size are appreciated in both food and feed markets. 

Both varieties INGRID peas and BOXER field beans are commercially available in fore mentioned markets and have been entered in trials in many other EU member states. For further information and seed enquiries, please contact your national distributor supplying the Lantmännen SW portfolio or contact us at: .

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