Pre-breeding for optimum varieties

Maria Kaliff is a breeder with a focus on long-termpre-breeding at our plant breeding station in Svalöv. Her breeding work takes place over a very long time-line but this is necessary for creating stable and secure varieties in the future.

This includes identifying resistance sources and introducing them into the breeding material as well as developing the gene pool that builds up the breeding material. This work can take up to 15–25 years.

“I identify and select interesting resistance materials that may not become a variety for another 15-25 years.” Maria Kaliff is also responsible for Lantmännen Lantbruk's testing of winter rapeseed varieties Sweden. This involves evaluating several hundred winter rapeseed varieties each year. By straddling both sides of the breeding process, Maria has a good understanding of the material variety.

“The characteristics stem from early selection of specific crosses at the greenhouse in Svalöv. The test soil is dipped into highly concentrated Verticillium spore solution. Depending on the resistance, the impact can vary from slight to killing the rapeseed plants altogether. Further rating conducted in the field shows the same picture in terms of resistance.”

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